Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maternity Pictures for My Sister-In-Law

A couple of weeks ago I asked my sister-in-law if she was going to have maternity pictures done, she was 36 weeks pregnant at the time.  She said she wanted to, but the person never called her back.  Her and her husband were heading over to our house for a sleepover (never too old for sleepovers!) so I told her I wanted to take some for her so if that person never called her back, at least she'd have something, even if they weren't professional.  And it's a good thing I did because a week later her baby was here! Here are a couple of pictures from our shoot...


  1. WOW Jennifer you did an amazing job!!! Your sister-in-law is very lucky for you. my daughter wanted maternity pictures so badly but the costs well she had to choose those or his newborn pics we went with the newborn ones which is viewable on my blog. Good job you have the gift stick with it ok :))

    1. Thank you so much!! It was really easy to work with my sister-in-law because we're comfortable with each other so there was no awkwardness. I love taking still life kinds of pictures so I was surprised when these turned out so good. Thank you. :)